Vale Lorraine

Another week, another funeral.

That makes the trifecta. In the past three weeks I’ve been to a Catholic funeral, an Anglican wedding, and today a secular funeral.

Lorraine was one of the good ones who died before her time age 57 after a gruelling battle with cancer.

She was a well-known and respected nurse, nurse educator and administrator. With no children of her own, she was a second mum to her nephew and nieces. The service was at the funeral director’s private chapel and was conducted by family members making valedictory speeches. The younger folk, the nephew and one of the nieces, made particularly thoughtful and affectionate speeches.

Lorraine’s coffin was that lovely shade of purple and made a dignified and elegant feminist statement. A Bach cantata gave us time to remember Lorraine, and for some of us to reflect on our own mortality.

I’ve known Lorraine for years. My life partner, Lady Fogg, has known Lorraine and her family since childhood, having lived and grown up in the same street where her parents lived and brought up their children.

I’ve known Lorraine’s partner for just as long. He is devastated but bearing up with courage and dignity. Both are great examples of commitment to social justice and working to make things better for society.

Vale Lorraine.

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