Editing Extension of Time claims and Delay Event documents for a South Australian civil engineering project.

Refurbishing and upgrading an e-commerce web site for an organisation’s social club, including on-line bookings and shop.

Editing a NSW further education institute’s employer-focused vocational training pamphlets.

Writing and producing a pamphlet for an Aboriginal counselling program.

Editing a chapter in a national publication relating to Aboriginal health and well-being.

Editing an ASX announcement for a Renewable/Clean Power Generation and Supply business

Writing a submission to the Music in Communities Awards on behalf of the Weekend Warriors Music Club of SA.

Reviewing and editing documents for a large mediation/arbitration for an Extension of Time Claim for a major international civil engineering project.

Review and edit Annual Summary Report for an emergency medical retrieval service

Reviewing and editing a research paper on demand measures in the Australian electricity system in association with Short Communications

Editing several sections of a major international energy report – including the chapters on various energy technologies and renewables – in association with Short Communications

Writing a submission for funding for a Biodiversity planting and carbon sequestration project.

Editing a short report for a civil engineering project in Darwin and its construction plan.

Reviewing and editing content for a high-tech robotics company’s new web site.

Helping a specialist Aboriginal counselling service to determine pricing schedules for its range of workshops and related training services.

Reviewing and editing a Field Trials Report on the collection of post-harvest biomass for energy production for a Renewable/Clean Power Generation and Supply business. This was an outcome of a previous submission that won the company $300,000 in R&D funding for this project.

Working with an automation and robotics company on their Response to a Tender for a blended learning system for technology training in a Trade Training Centres in Schools project. The comapany has developed a unique and innovative technology training platform.

Assisting a Group Training organisation with an Application to the Commonwealth Government’s Industry Skills Centre Fund.

Reviewing and editing various tender documents for the ALLWATER consortium. Their tender submission won them the billion dollar contract to manage all of Adelaide’s water and wastewater infrastructure for 10 years.

Editing the Pre Feasibility Study for a Clean Power Generation and Supply business for the development, commissioning and operation of a large scale, long-term premium diesel production facility.

Communications material and pricing schedules for a specialist Aboriginal counselling service’s workshops.

Submission for R & D funding for a Clean Power Generation and Supply business, in relation to the use of non-food biomass to reduce carbon emissions. This submission won $300,000 in R&D funding.

Consulting advice and writing for a series of Information Kits for the Australian Institute for Loss & Grief Pty Ltd and its founder Rosemary Wanganeen, respected educator, presenter, author and counsellor.

Consulting and writing for Hospitality Group Training’s submission to Jobs Fund.

Consulting and editingĀ for Maxima’s funding submission to Education Infrastructure Fund.

Advice to Group Training Australia (SA Division) on proposal for an apprentice employment scheme.

Advice andĀ editing re. funding submission to Education Infrastructure Fund for Hospitality Group Training.

Risk Management Planning and Workshop for the Motor Trade Association (in association with Susan Ball)

Business Development for Whitelion Inc.

Motor Trade Association Group Training Scheme submission for funding to expand apprentice training facilities. The submission won $1.359 million in Federal funding.