Vaccine Incentives?

Cost of Albo’s vaccine incentive plan to prevent lockdowns (according to the PM) is around $6 billion. Cost of lockdowns: Treasury’s own modelling puts the cost of an Australia-wide lockdown at $3.2 billion per week. From the Sydney Morning Herald, 19 July), “The Sydney and Victorian lockdowns aimed at stopping the spread of the Delta strain of coronavirus could cost the country $10 billion”. Go figure.

Marg Bonner: Interesting data also available from the Grattan Institute on various lotto incentives.

Doug Jacquier: Couldn’t disagree more strongly about providing financial incentives to encourage basic morality. Time to bring out the big stick so we can all get back to something approaching normal. We need a No Jab/No Job/No Joy policy and use the $6 billion to cover the costs of strictly enforcing it.

Ian: Are they mutually exclusive? Agree that a sanctions approach could help achieve the objective of getting as many vaccinated as possible, but why not both a carrot and a stick?

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