There’s a Parrot in my Garden

Our seven and a half year old grandson loves words and had just finished a book of rhymes as part of this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge. His mom told him “Arrow is good at this stuff”, so he sent me a video message asking “Arrow, will you write me a poem, please?” This the result:

There’s a parrot in my garden.
A poem for my grandson – by Arrow.

There’s a parrot in my garden
And he’s pecking at the ground.
And though I listen carefully
He doesn’t make a sound.

I guess he’s eating seeds and nuts
Or maybe sticks and stones.
Perhaps he’d like some tacos,
Hot dogs and ice cream cones.

Perhaps his job is making holes
So the rain can soak away.
Or maybe he makes bricks and pots
So he’s digging up the clay.

I like to see him working
And I hope he’s having fun.
I bet that after all that food
He’s got a poorly tum.

A parrot with a belly ache
Is a sorry sight to see.
He gives a belch that is so loud
It knocks him out the tree.

And when he lands upon the lawn
His head spins round and round.
The only thing that calms him down
Is pecking at the ground.

His mum read it to him that night for a bedtime story – there is a lot of stuff in there about him and his adventures.

He was amazed and asked “Did Arrow really write that?” She assured him he had. He said drowsily, “Mum, can you put that somewhere out to the world so people know?”

So here it is.

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