QandA ?

Is this what QandA has become?

Had to turn it off tonight as I couldn’t stand the shallowness and superficiality.


Doug Jacquier
Yes, it has. It has become the woke Olympics.

Robin Tourville
It makes me sad the term woke has arrived in Australia.

Ian Short
It’s not ‘wokeness’ that is the issue. Last night’s episode had too many panellists speaking on topics outside their field of expertise where their opinions are no more valid than mine, a host who let some some ramble on unchecked and unchallenged but frequently interrupted others, audience members who seemed more like partisan plants than genuine, random citizens, populist sloganeering from some speakers, and an audience that indiscriminately shrieked and brayed its approval of sometimes contradictory propositions.

Doug Jacquier
The whole show has gone down the tubes since Tony Jones left.

Helen Nichols
Yes. I have been so cross with the demise of a series like used to watch religiously. Don’t like PK as the host nor the RN host. Too opinionated and aggressive interviewing style and very defensive if a criticism is made. Unhelpful for the reputation of our ABC. 🥺

Marg Bonnar
I’ve tuned out.

Alison Mackinnon
I agree. The only reason I kept watching was a weird fascination with how young people are thinking (?) these days and an interest in Chen Le.

Rita Mary Purvis
I don’t mind the change in tone from week to week but did think last night’s episode smacked of the last day of term levity, laced with mild hysteria, that teachers would recognise.
On a more positive note there’s been a reduction in belligerent politicians yelling over an opponent’s answer to cut them out of completing their point.
Will I stick with it? Maybe check out the first fifteen minutes? Or make Monday my early night?

Greg Osborn
It’s terrible. Can’t bare to watch these days.

John Schumann
Can’t disagree, Shorty. And, in true ABC style, I bet everyone lived within 5 km of Ultimo. Was Barnsey on? He usually gets a guernsey.

Ian Short
John Schumann No, it was Anthony Callea this week.

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