Bird Alarm

There is a bird in our garden whose call is three, quick, short, high-pitched tweets.

It sounds exactly like the warning beeps from our fridge when you leave the door open.

During the Spring mating season I am forever checking the darn fridge.


Margaret Ralston
Ian, maybe its fallen in love with your fridge

Ian Short to Margaret Ralston
If it wasn’t sustainably irresponsible, I’d be tempted to leave the fridge open and drive the poor bird bonkers.

Rita Mary Purvis
Oh the puzzle of bird sounds. Apart from the obvious crow, kookaburra, magpie . . . I can’t identify many others with confidence. Grrr! Lack of knowledge is so frustrating!
And occasionally there are new intriguing sounds. A few years back one such new sound turned out to be a brown pigeon which I had dubbed ‘the moom bird’ after the rather mournful sound it made.
We now have a two note rather tuneful sound. If I had more musical knowledge I might be able to identify the notation for those two notes and possibly get identification of the species.

Megan Hausler
Rita I believe your moom bird might be a bronze wing. We have them nesting next door…. Very distinctive sound during mating season.

Rita Mary Purvis to Megan Hausler
Oh yes, I recollect that name now; I was a little too casual at coming up with a near enough description.
Thank you.
I’m so glad you have them near you.

Lynda Coleman
There’s a bird around my garden that “ding dongs” exactly like a door bell I think it’s a Tui, as they mimic sounds.

Marg Bonnar
They’d make an attractive couple.☺️

Robin Tourville
Now that’s funny😹are you sure it’s not Phil? Having a go? Birds are often messengers.

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