Hectic Week

Just resurfacing after a fascinating week: a strange gig at Aberfoyle Park, redeveloping this site with Word Press, editing and reviewing a submission to the SA Govt in response to their RFP for managing and operating their emergency radio network, completing an Application for the Motor Trade Association Group Training Scheme for funding to construct new training facilities at their Royal Park Skills Training Centre, all nicely finished off with a visit to the dentist.

And to start the new week, the weather is marvellous – a perfect South Australian autumn day – what global financial crisis?

The strange gig was at three schools’ combined fair on Sunday. Great campus, but we were in an odd spot – a sort of courtyard halfway between the oval where the main action was and a stage where students were performing for parents.

Most people used it as a thoroughfare between the two places. But the main problem was that nobody had told the teachers organising the kids’ shows what the running schedule was, so just as our band was due to start rocking the place, the kids were about to do their thing for an hour.

It just didn’t seem a good idea to drown out the cute junior xylophone group. So we negotiated a delayed start,  stopped every now and then to let another school group strut its stuff for ten minutes and cut six songs out of our second set to help keep to the schedule.

Parents and kids loved their shows – and quite right too, after all, that’s what it is all about. But it didn’t make for a well-structured, dynamic set for us, our audience or the next band. Nor was it much fun. In fact, if we hadn’t been there at all it wouldn’t really have made much difference to the success of the day.

Still, our Warriors show finished only an hour later than scheduled and with the help of the last band (White Noise, who did a great job in difficult circumstances) got everything packed up and into the Warriors’ trailer just before it started to drizzle.

It is interesting how quickly you travel down Flagstaff Hill when you’ve got half a ton of band equipment behind your car helping you along.

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