Pulled up at the traffic lights this morning behind a truck taking equipment away from the Clipsal 500 motor race that took place over the weekend. On the car radio someone was complaining about the $700,000 it costs to take down the grandstand and re-erect it in the Parklands each year.

Some people just don’t seem to be able to connect the dots. Here we are in a major global financial mess with jobs at risk and most developed countries providing various economic stimulus packages to try to get money back into their economies and save jobs.

Couldn’t help thinking about all the people that the $700K keeps in work – like the truck driver, the forklift operators, the riggers, electricians, carpenters, laborers and so on. Not a bad use of the money. Most of it will be spent locally and provide income for the second level goods and service providers – the retailers and so on – who are also struggling. I’m fairly comfortable that the tiny portion of my taxes that goes towards this project helps keep other people in work

As a bonus, it also gives us back our Parklands for most of the year.

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