Covid QR Check-in, Day 2.

My post yesterday about the Covid QR check-in process was not meant to be critical of the app itself nor the check-in system or process and I’m sorry if it gave that impression.

On the contrary, I have confidence in the talented ICT professionals we have in our state and respect the speed and diligence with which they developed and deployed the technology. I know that they will quickly sort out the inevitable glitches that manifest as the roll-out into the public realm encounters unforeseeable variables and anomalies. 
I was attempting to highlight the need for greater public information and education by illustrating what appears to be a current lack of awareness among many ordinary shoppers and some businesses. Most people seem to want to do the right thing, but they need to know what the “right thing” is and how to go about doing it, through increased promotion and awareness-raising and with clear, unambiguous instructions.
This morning I watched people entering one of the previously designated locations of interest. The business was displaying clear, prominent notices and QR codes. For those customers who used the app to check-in, it worked fine. But still over half the customers sailed blithely into the store, seemingly oblivious to its existence. The tech developers have done and are continuing to do their bit and I trust the parallel public education process will be stepped up to engage and motivate more people.

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