Covid QR Check-in App, Day 1.

Tried my QR check-in app for the first time this arvo at a coffee shop in an Adelaide suburban shopping centre. 
Couldn’t find a QR poster or sticker; didn’t spot the single QR code until I sat down and noticed it on the back of a planter box that was facing into the coffee shop in a pretty obscure location. No sign of an alternative pen and paper based check-in. No staff member asked or directed any customer to check-in in any manner. Over the hour I sat there, not a single customer used the QR code. 
When I tried I got the sign-in screen that you are supposed to get on first use, but it would not accept my details on three attempts, saying I’d entered an invalid phone number. I hadn’t. 
Later, at a separate shop in a different centre, signed in with a pen. Watched while several people pulled out their phones, fired up their camera and took a pic of the QR code, thinking they had checked in, not realising that all they had done was take a photo of a piece of paper.

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