The Show Must Go On.

Ten seconds into the sound check, blood started splashing over the keyboard.

The night before our biggest gig of the year, I got a nasty, deep cut on the tip of my left index finger – the one that 14 hours later I was due to bang on a keyboard about a thousand times and then push and slide on a thin, taut guitar string, playing in the first band at the Rock and Roll Rendezvous. And you can’t play guitar or keyboard wearing a band-aid!

Panic, then a rush visit to the late-night chemist.

Next morning, the “spray-on” bandage lasted less than four bars into the sound check. That’s when I started spraying blood all over the fretboard and keys. Thank goodness I was wearing a bright red vest.

Superglue to the rescue – the guitar player’s saviour! A couple of coats of superglue over the finger tip and we were away.

Ah, show business…

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