Talking with kids.

It’s the lead-up to our granddaughter’s fourth birthday and the day of the $60 million lottery jackpot.

“Let’s buy a lottery ticket to celebrate your birthday”.

“Yes. Lottery, yay!”

What would you buy if you won sixty million dollars?” we ask jokingly.

“Fish and chips!” she answers joyously.

Our seven and a half year old grandson likes chewing on dried fruit. We have a glut of mandarins.

“Arrow, will you make me some dried oranges, please?”

A couple of days later I hand him a bag of dehydrated slices. I point to the sachets of food grade silica gel and, choosing my words carefully, I tell him, “See those little white packets? Don’t put those near your mouth. They are special chemical stuff to take away any moisture.”

“Oh,” he says, “the dessicant.”
We are having a conversation around the dinner table. The seven and a half year old is acting very grown-up.

“Where’s that little boy we used to know?” Granny asks fondly.

He’s hiding”, I say, going along with it.

“I wonder where he is?” she says.

“In your head,” says the little boy.

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