Project Wrap-ups

Just wrapped up and delivered two interesting submissions to the Commonwealth Jobs Fund: one for Hospitality Group Training (HGT) and one for Group Training Australia (GTA).

HGT want to develop an eco-friendly commercial training kitchen focusing on green skills, energy-efficient technologies and sustainable commercial kitchen practices. Thanks to Wendy and her team of Janet, Mark, Paul and Jodi for the opportunity to help with this fascinating project.

GTA wants to get more Out-of-Trade Apprentices back into their trades. Every year, many apprentices are retrenched because of circumstances beyond their control. A large percentage of them are lost to their trade. GTA wants pro-actively to seek them out and help re-engage them with other employers who are looking for part-qualified apprentices. Another great service for young people. Thanks to Mal and Jan for this one.

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One Response to Project Wrap-ups

  1. nigel says:

    Heartbreaking for apprentices when they lose work half-way through their tenure! I often wonder if government wage assistance is to blame?

    The Horticultural Industry employ trainees for cheap-labour only and you can not blame them because the margins are so tight!!

    But for young people its so demoralising when they are layed-off before their apprenticeship is finished.

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