Out of Quarantine

My first expedition today after coming out of Covid quarantine.

Although officially now clear, and with my clearance notice saved in my phone, I go at a quiet time and am carefully masked up to make sure that even if I’m still shedding any allegedly harmless dead virus particles, at least I won’t share them with anyone else.

In the local supermarket around half the customers are also masked.

In the bread section a woman next to me is struggling to find the opening of a plastic bag. She pulls down her mask and licks her thumb and forefinger to help grip the sides of the mouth of the bag and slide it open, picks up the loaf with the same hand and puts it in the bag, then pulls up her mask.

I wonder if that’s the same hand she’ll use as she goes around the store, picking up other items to look at and maybe putting some of them back.

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