On this day…..

On this day, sixty years ago, late on a Friday night in downtown Birmingham, England, my dad and I were coming out of the AGM of our fishing club. Stepping out into the normally bustling Friday night city streets, we wondered why everything seemed so quiet. There was hardly any traffic and small groups of people were huddled on street corners, talking together quietly but intently. It was very strange. Dad asked someone, “What’s going on?” The reply: “Kennedy’s been shot”.

Robin Tourville
I was in class at an all girls Catholic School Notre Dame Na Mure. When Sister Bernadette Julie came into my 4th grade classroom crying. Rolling a TV on a cart. Our First Catholic President had been shot! When it was announced that he had died. The whole school 1 st. to 12 grade went to the Campus Chapel. We prayed until our parents came to pick us up. Everyone was sobbing. My Dad thought the Communist’s Castro & Nakita Krushchev did it.

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