New York Impressions

Manhattan feels sometimes like a large village, not at all the big, scary city that everyone talks about.

Most of the time, people don’t actually look up at the buildings. After a while, your eyes rarely go above the level of the street signs as you navigate around, so you quickly forget about all that tall stuff overhead.

Everywhere you look reminds you of a movie or a song:

  • The rumble of the subway trains, the lullaby of Broadway;
  • Tiffany’s;
  • Steam coming out of roadway vents in numerous movies;
  • 59th Street Bridge (…feelin’ groovy);
  • They say the neon lights are bright (On Broadway);
  • The soup kitchen from Seinfeld (at 259A West 55th Street);
  • Radio City Music Hall;
  • Tavern on the Green in Central Park (in both “Wall Street” and where a snarling hell-hound chased Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters);
  • 55 Central Park West “Spook Central” where the Ghostbusters battled the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man;
  • Rockefeller Center (30 Rock);
  • Underneath the IRT Bridge at 125th St in Harlem,scene of many car chases.
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