Marching for Yes

At the Adelaide “Yes” rally, marching along King William Street, meeting the head of the column on its way back.


Roy Birch
“Yes” to what, exactly ?

Ian Short to Roy Birch. Yes to the recognition of Indigenous Australians in the Constitution and giving them a right and method of providing formal advice to Government.
We’re having a Referendum to change the Constitution to provide for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. You would think it a no-brainer but it is being bitterly opposed by conservative and right-wing forces.

Roy Birch
Ian Short and you think Aussies have problems !

Ian Short
Roy Birch Every country has its particular economic, social and political problems, but at least Australia has a centre-left government, compulsory voting and now an independent Commission against corruption to help deal with them.

Elaine Golding
Wonderful! Sorry I couldn’t be there as in Qld. All it takes is a generous and courageous heart to do the right thing. We can do this! 💖❤️

Clive Cønway
Leftist rabble! With all your compassion, caring, and basic decency. What good has social justice ever done for anyone, hmmm? You’ll be wanting the right to vote next.

Ian Short
Clive Cønway Yes, sir. Please sir, may I have some more?

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