Kindness of Strangers

I am amazed and delighted at the kindness of random strangers.

Last week I bought some vintage pianola rolls on eBay – as you do. Saturday afternoon I got a message saying the order had been sent.

Sunday lunchtime I got a phone call from a complete stranger in Sydney who was standing next to a mail box in a street in Cremorne. On top of the mail box was a large parcel addressed to me. It was in full public view, just sitting on top of a mail box in a busy street where hundreds of people were walking past, many eyeing the parcel with varying degrees of curiousity or caution.

It had my name and address clearly showing and the unknown Good Samaritan had gone to the trouble of looking up my phone number online and calling me to see if he could help.

Once we’d worked out what it probably was and that neither of us were hoaxers, we tried to figure out a way we could get it back on track. Being Sunday, the post office was closed and wouldn’t re-open until Tuesday because Monday was the Australia Day holiday. The anonymous helper couldn’t hang around and didn’t know anyone in the street with whom he could leave it until I’d sorted out the next step. I asked if maybe he could leave it in a nearby shop if there was one open and let me know the location so I could follow-up later.

That is how we’ve left it. Meanwhile I’ve messaged the vendor via eBay asking if it actually is the parcel meant for me, and how come it ended up sitting on top of a public mail box in Cremorne.

I’ll keep you posted when I know some more about what’s going on.

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