Election Night Quotes

Favourite Anthony Green quote of the evening, not verbatim, but to this effect:

“I won’t call it just now because I don’t want people saying I called it too early. So I’ll call it in ten minutes.”

2nd favourite quote, again not exactly word for word:

“I don’t know why the swing on Kangaroo Island was so large”, said with a mischievous twinkle with Vicky Chapman sitting a couple of metres away.

(Notes for non-locals: Anthony Green is a leading Australian psephologist with a wicked sense of humour whose election night analyses are compulsive viewing and whose predictions are uncannily accurate. Vicki Chapman was the Liberal (i.e. conservative) member of parliament for the electorate of Bragg. She served as Deputy Premier and Attorney-General in the Marshall government. She was entangled in a controversial land deal on Kangaroo Island and was found to have had a conflict of interest by a Parliamentary Committee. She was subsequently cleared of any wrongdoing, but suffered a large swing against her in the 2022 State Election as mentioned above. Although she held her seat, she announced her retirement one month after the election.)

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