So that’s Covid done and dusted. Can’t say I enjoyed it much, but it is what it is. Tomorrow I am free to mingle in society again.

Comments from Facebook:

Doug Jacquier
Good to hear but I’d stay a mysterious masked man for a while if I was you. 😉

Ian Short to Doug Jacquier: I most certainly intend to. I already cancelled everything next week that involves other people and will continue to wear a mask in public places for a while yet!

Ian Short
If anyone was thinking of trying it out, my advice is don’t bother, it’s rubbish.

Rita Mary Purvis to Ian Short: Fingers crossed it is really ‘done and dusted’.
My viral illness, (? early COVID), took 7.5 months to clear and robbed me of a further 2 years -(ME/CFS)-, just starting to see the proverbial light 🤞.
I’ll never again board an aeroplane without a mask.
Stay well Ian.

Rae Truman
Glad you’re feeling better ! It SO knocked Billy about xx

Yvonne Dumsday
Just think – you are contributing to herd immunity! 😁

Ian Short to Yvonne Dumsday: Also you and I are demonstrating gold standard social distancing.

Jacqui Wordley
Good to hear you are on the mend

Maria Trajkovic
Sorry to hear you got Covid but Glad you recovered well

Bob Huxtable
Just getting over it. Bloody awful and nearly ended up in hospital.

Ian Short to Bob Huxtable: Sorry to hear you were so crook. I guess I’m lucky in that I only had a relatively mild bout, somewhere between a heavy cold and moderate flu. Ann had it a bit worse, with “razor blades in the throat” too. Hope your recovery continues smoothly.

Bob Huxtable
Thanks Ian Short I am a lot better now, but last Fri a friend called in with supplies and said I looked very grey. Slept 14 hours that night.

Robin Tourville
What’s that song? “ It’s not over till it’s over?” Have fun!

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