Borrowing an e-book

I just “borrowed” my first e-book from a library.

South Australian recently introduced a “one card” system. That means you belong to a State-wide virtual library comprising every municipal and community library in South Australia. Your one card gives you access to all the resources of all the participating libraries.

My clever wife was instrumental in getting the system established.

But wait, there’s more. It also gives you access to a library of e-books. You can browse or search an on-line catalogue, find an e-book and “borrow” (or reserve) it. It downloads a copy to your computer or handheld device and is accessible for a set loan period.

When you’ve finished, you can “return” it to the library with the click of a mouse (or tap of your finger). That deletes your copy and releases the e-book back to the catalogue for the next borrower. If you don’t return it, then at the end of the loan period, it vanishes from your device. Brilliant.

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