Band on the Ketch

The ketch “Active II”

It was a treat to be back at the SA Maritime Museum at Port Adelaide in very different role. I went there many times as a former Trustee. This time, along with Stephen Rees of the SA Live Music Club, we were roadies and sound guys for the band “Semaphore Signals”. They played on the deck of the ketch “Active II” for the launch of two special exhibitions: “Windjammers” and “Pamela and the Duchess”.

Stephen sets Em’s mic

The audience enjoyed the band’s water- and sea-themed tunes and their big, sea-shanty finish. Well done to Em (main vocals and ukulele), Tim (multi-instrumentist)and my daughter Bec (her first public gig on support vocals and guitar) for a well-chosen set list and professional performance.

Congratulations to the museum and curators for two great exhibitions about the golden days of sail.

An unexpected bonus for me was seeing the “Pamela and the Duchess” exhibition and suddenly discovering that the Duchess was the nickname of the old sailing ship, the “Herzogin Cecilie”.

I was astonished. I visited her in her resting place on the seabed in Starehole Bay off the coast of Devon near Salcombe when I scuba-dived on the wreck many years ago.

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