A Wordle in your Ear

OK, so I gave in and tried Wordle for the first time. Got today’s word on 6th try.

So how do I post the pic?

Probably didn’t help doing it a few seconds before midnight. By the time I found the “Share” button it had clicked over to the next day’s challenge and cleared the board.


On 11 Jan, I posted my second try, got it in five, one better than first attempt, and promised that I’d only post another if I get it in four.
Wordle 206 5/6

However, the following day, third game, got it in three.

Wordle 207 3/6

Then,a couple of days later:

I think I might quit while I’m ahead.
Wordle 210 2/6
And to prove it wasn’t a fluke, on 19 Jan:
Oh, well.
Wordle 214 2/6


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