Damn you, Mark Latham

I’m angry, very angry.

The Latham diaries were published today after much hoopla and media frenzy.

And I’m not in them!

Every other man and his dog seems to have got a serve from Mark in his outpouring of venom and bile. Except me.

Damn you, Mark Latham. Am I so unimportant that I don’t even rate a mention? Not even a footnote?

Every one who has ever breathed air in the same vicinity as you has copped a dose of your wrath and invective. Couldn’t you have spared a bit of energy to attack me in print? Not even a hint of irony? A touch of hyberbole or an iota of litotes? Not even so much as a snide comment or sarcastic reference?

OK, so I’m a fairly small fish in a reasonably big pond, but to be totally overlooked when people much less deserving of criticism have been comprehensively bagged ….

It’s not good enough. I demand to be insulted by Mark Latham.

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