A ‘Doctor Who’ moment

Went into the local Cash Converters today to check out the music stuff. (It’s a franchised chain of pawnbrokers in Australia).

There was a young guy buying band p.a. gear. Mid 20s maybe, long straight black hair, eye liner, baggy black sleeveless t-shirt showing his Ozzy Osbourne style tattoos. The drummer, maybe.

I was looking at myself about 30 years ago, minus the tatts.

Gave him a ‘hey, man’ from inside my Christopher Eccleston look-alike, German U-boat commander, corporate costume.

“Hey”, he replied. Then, “Do I know you?”

“Yeah”, I said. “I’m you in 2035.” He grinned.

“Just called in to say ‘Keep on rocking’.” He smiled again. He got it.

Then I left.

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